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Justin Matthew

Social Media Management, Executive Office

Hi I am Justin Matthew and I run numerous companies for Social Media Management.

Justin Matthew's Bio:

Justin Matthew : Involved in venture capital for many years (million dollar producer 3 years). The next move was 10 years later when I became the business manager for one of the largest YouTube channels in the world HouseHoldhacker at the time known for pranks etc. I played a major role into turning the channel into the highest respected science show on the web and negotiated multiple business deals with fortune 500 companies. That then led to private clients in fact over 7,000 to date and even making 5 figures a month on I believe Social Media for companies is EVERYTHING for years to come and my growth backs that up. Taking my experience from corporate sales and then managing the YouTube channel and all their social media I realized I was 1 of very few that had business skills and social media..I formed Jm Consulting which developed into managing and building Social Networks for companies. I found great success right off the bat which has led to the founding of another company Monopolize Social Media.where we get 10 clients a week. Goals are simple for me in business, to be the best, be the first one in the office in the morning and the last one to leave. Be ultra persistent until I get or complete my goal and simply outwork any competitors in any project but at the same time learn from those who may be working an angle I didn't think of first. Specialties: Raising Capital, Social Media Management, Project Coordination, Writing, Researching, Acting, Negotiations, Group Work, Advising, Direct sales, Motivational speaking, using my extensive experience in sales to help companies increase their own. A published author and have top social networks ranked worldwide.

Justin Matthew's Experience:

  • President at JM Consulting Group

    Now that I have Monopolize Social Media I utilize JM Consulting for the smaller jobs and local clients. I still have a client base from forming the company and deal with them to this day. I am hired as a specialist to come into a company and help guide their employees in how they can be more efficient in certain areas. I also do minor social media work.

  • Super Seller at Fiverr (

    Supplied over 8,000 clients with social media services and made 60,0000 dollars before moving on to bigger fish.

  • Business Manager Of Household Hacker LLC at Household Hacker LLC

    Director of Business and Planning, for HouseHoldHacker, HouseHoldGamer Frostybrain on YouTube, 1.6 Million Subscribers. Negotiations, act in the videos, run numbers as well as research and write ideas.

  • Senior Partner at PMG CORP

    Managed other brokers and kept watch over trading and overall profitability. Also maintained my own customer accounts with different trading Strategies around the world. Involved with highly motivated individuals on a daily basis day in day out. High turnover rate and only worked with the best of the best. Raised capital for multiple corporations.

  • Senior Acct manager at Empire

    Top producer of company multiple years at the particular branch I worked at. Involved managing investment portfolios for clients all over the world as well as managing and motivating a sales team on a daily basis

  • Acct Executive at FSC

    Managing international customer accounts. Trading the United States and United Kingdom stock market, involving but not limited to Stocks, Options, Bonds variable Annuities, and mutual funds. Hit the top ten list in general securities in 2001 out of thousands of employees.

  • CEO Of Monopolize Social Media at Monopolize Social Media

    Search Engine Optimization: Make sure your site gets found We make it easy to pick the right keywords and find link-building opportunities that increase your website's search rank. Keyword Analysis: Find and track your most effective keywords. Page-Level SEO: Diagnose and fix poorly ranking sites. Blogging: Attract prospects with great content Iintegrate with the rest of your marketing tools, and create remarkable content that will help your business get found. Create and measure your blog. SEO Tips See which of your blog articles are generating the most leads and converting the most leads to customers. Social Media: Engage prospects and convert them to customers All-in-One Social Publishing: Publish and track Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ LinkedIn posts. Also build and drive traffic to these networks See which of your contacts, leads and customers are engaging with your social activity. Track all of your marketing efforts, both online and offline.

  • Consultant at SS Choice, LLC

    Currently I manage the social media networks for 7's. Including daily updates, building networks, driving traffic to the company and even advise in other areas when needed. It is fun to work with a company on the cutting edge of technology and I take it seriously.

Justin Matthew's Education:

  • University of Central Florida

  • Bishop Moore

    Concentration: Finance, General

Justin Matthew's Interests & Activities:

Social Media Tennis My daughters and having balance! Justin Matthew

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